Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Which is why we provide our guests with a hearty, tasty breakfast. Without any doubt, you will wake up with the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Our breakfast includes coffee, freshly squeezed juice, fresh bread, fresh fruits and cereals. The following menu is available on request:

  • « Full English breakfast »: Fresh bread, sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms.
  • « Bruschetta »: toasted bread, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, basil, origan, salt, pepper (V/Vg)
  • « Norwegian breakfast »: Fresh bread, avocado, salmon, poached eggs, parsley, salt, pepper.
  • « Oriental breakfast »: Fresh bread, olives, tomatoes, feta, hummus, salt, pepper (V).
  • « Homemade omelette »: depending on chef’s mood.
  • « Pancakes » with sugar, Nutella or homemade jam.

V= Vegetarian, Vg = Vegan